Conference presentation


 Linguistic and Cultural Blending,

Emerging Forms of Mediation


International Conference


19th, 20th and 21st october 2017

Université Paris-Est Créteil


Contemporary societies are the theater of linguistic and cultural blending. While this is not a new phenomenon, it is accelerating, amplifying and complexifying in novel ways due to geographical and online mobility (…)  The question is how this reconfiguration of contemporary societies can be conceived and analyzed through the prism of the languages which both unite and separate us. We propose to question the notion of mediation in both plural and transdisciplinary configurations from the perspective of languages that are, implicitly and explicitly, at the heart of the blending phenomena they endeavor to clarify. This conference intends to spur analyses of multilingual and/or multicultural situations through their mediations, as they are expressed in the world of politics, economics and education, or represented in virtual situations in literature, advertising, visual arts...




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